July 18, 2019

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About Us

Our Domestic Abuse Attorneys website was created by a division of And Justice For All. It is part of a network of websites using descriptive domain names with useful information about the law for consumers and businesses. All the legal articles and blogs on this site and throughout the network of websites have been written or edited by attorneys for the purpose of helping people.

Domestic abuse can happen in a variety of ways, and victims of domestic abuse may not always put their own safety first if they are involved in an abusive or violent relationship. It is important for victims of domestic abuse to have someone on their side who can support them when there is an ongoing threat of violence.  And Justice For All is dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse find legal representation and guidance so they can live their lives without the constant threat of domestic violence.

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And Justice For All donates 10% of all of its profits from its network of websites to charitable causes benefiting humans, animals, and the environment.