July 18, 2019

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Hiring a Domestic Abuse Lawyer

A domestic abuse attorney should be one of the first people you call if you have decided to leave an abusive partner or are providing support for a friend or family member who is making a change. A skilled, experienced attorney knows the domestic abuse laws well and can inform you of your rights and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Escaping an Abusive Situation

Victims of abuse are often too scared to make a move and have no idea where to turn. They may feel too embarrassed to speak up, or too ashamed. In situations where the abuser has created an environment of fear and intimidation, victims may feel their life is in danger, or the lives of those around them, and that leaving will trigger extreme violence.

In many situations where emotional abuse accompanies physical violence, abusers may convince their victim that they are “sick” and cannot help themselves, or tell them that it is their fault for bringing out the violent side. There may also be a misguided sense of duty preventing the victim from leaving. It is for these reasons that many abuse victims make excuses for their abusers, cover up signs of abuse, and continue to stay in the relationship.

Help for Abuse Victims

Hiring a domestic abuse lawyer can give victims the tools they need to make a clean, safe break. An attorney from our database of domestic abuse attorneys can help you file formal charges against an abusive partner. Your attorney can also help protect you from further harm by filing a restraining order, which restricts your partner from coming near you and forces him or her to vacate if you share a residence. If the restraining order is violated, the police have the authority to detain the abuser.

Your lawyer will also connect you with community resources to provide domestic abuse support and even temporary housing if necessary. If there are children involved, counselors and other specialists are available to help make the transition easier for them.

The legal professionals listed in DomesticAbuseAttorneys.com represent victims of all types of domestic abuse, including sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and physical abuse. If you or someone you love is affected by abuse, contact a lawyer right away using our list of domestic violence lawyers.